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The Autobot' insignia

The Autobots (オートボット, Ōtobotto) of the future are descendants of the Autobots of the Great War. As years passed after the war, most Decepticons have a flying form, while it is rare for an Autobot to have one. There are only a few exceptions to this trend - Swoop, Safeguard, Jetfire, Jetstorm, and the Omega Sentinels all have aerial forms. Also, Prowl and Optimus were capable of flight via jetpacks in the third series final. The Autobots, Optimus Prime and his unit are not the leaders of the Autobots - instead, they are a rag-tag group of drop-outs and flunkies, working cleanup on out-of-the-way space bridges.


Autobots retained many similarities to their Autobot ancestors, and the Protoforms the Autobots mined out have underwent the Great Upgrade basically took on smaller, human-sized, newer versions of the bodies from the original Autobots.


Since the Millenia of battles between Autobot and Decepticon ancestors, Cybertron has known peace under the rule of the Cybertron Council, headed by a Magnus, in this case Ultra Magnus. Magnus heads the military portion of the planet's defense force, the Cybertron Elite Guard, which is based at Elite Guard HQ upon Fortress Maximus (Alpha Trion is in charge of the civilian guards, which may include the Cyber-Ninja Corps). Prime is a subordinate rank answerable to the Magnus, and Optimus, Sentinel, Rodimus and Longarm have been promoted to this rank. A lower officer is known as a Minor. The Cybertron Council, Cybertron Intelligence and the Ministry of Science are based at the Centra-Plex.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit




  • Scraplet
  • Cosmic Rust
  • Cybonic Plague
  • Tox-En
  • Dark Energon

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