Robin: Hey, Ratch'!

Ratchet: Oh, hey, Robin.

Robin: What's the problem? You look a bit put out.

Ratchet: Don't tell me. I noticed.

Robin: Care to explain why?

Ratchet: [sighs] I keep thinking about my past as a field medic. I don't know why, but it happens from time to time. I wish I could take my mind off my past.

Robin: You know, Ratchet. I keep thinking back to the past as well. But that doesn't stop me from concerntrating on fighting crime. So it shouldn't stop you.

Ratchet: You think so?

Robin: I know so. You know, we should hang out together some time.

Ratchet: Yeah. Probably.

Beast Boy: Hey, Robin. What's up with Ratchet? He's not his normal confident self.

Robin: Ratchet keeps thinking about his past and he wishes it would stop. I told him that I keep thinking about my past and how it doesn't stop me and that it shouldn't stop him.

Beast Boy: Then why did you suggest that you and him should hang out together sometime?

Robin: Cause then it would take his mind off his past.