The T-Ship, based on the T-Sub, is the Teen Titans' primary mode of long-range aerial and space travel.


Based on the T-Sub, an underwater vehicle, the T-Ship was designed by Cyborg which would allow aerial and space travel. It is seated for five passengers and divided into five subcomponents which can split up into smaller, self-sufficient vessels with their own propulsion systems and armament. (This feature applies to the Jet and Space T-Ship versions; it is unknown whether the T-Sub has this as well.) Each version has enough oxygen to sustain its passengers for an as yet indefinite period of time.

The T-ship's seats are distributed as follows:

Apparently the ship can be configured to be piloted by any of the attached pods, even if at least one pod has been separated. This is evidenced in Stranded when the combined pods of Beast Boy and Cyborg are flying, controlled by Cyborg's (although piloted by Beast Boy).



Jet T-ShipEdit

  • Main Propulsion Systems: (apparently) two Jet Engines

Space T-ShipEdit

  • Main Propulsion Systems: two Fusion Thrusters
  • Weapon Systems: Laser or Particle Cannon
  • Other features: two Solid-Fuel Rocket Pods for attaining escape velocity


  • For Real (Jet T-Ship - blue variant, used by Titans East)

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